Amplicon rescued multiplex PCR

An entire immune repertoire amplified in a single tube

iRepertoire’s proprietary arm-PCR technology uses hundreds of VDJ-specific primers to amplify all of the expressed B and T cell receptor genes in a single sample for cost-efficient insights into the immune repertoire.

  1. Inclusive: hundreds of thousands of CDR3s amplified in a single experiment
  2. Semi-quantitative: insights into the relative frequency of different CDR3s
  3. Arm-PCR is the core technology of our RepSeq and iPair service.

arm-PCR occurs in two stages:

  1. Highly sensitive RT-PCR: Nested inside and outside primers selectively amplify all V- and C- genes and incorporate communal adaptors.
  2. Highly specific PCR: Following clean-up, only target amplicons, which contain 5' and 3' communal adaptors, are exponentially amplified.