The adaptome, amplified in a single tube

arm-PCR excels at:

  • Inclusive immune sequencing: Hundreds of thousands of CDR3s amplified in a single experiment
  • Capture rare cell types: Identify rare clonotypes in large cell populations
  • Flexible: Compatible with low cell counts, low sample volumes and difficult sample types

Unmatched utility

  • Full BCR/TCR identity and chain usage
  • CAR-T development
  • Hybridoma sequencing
  • Antibody identification
  • Lymphocyte tracking
  • Analyze rare cell populations or cell line
  • sequencing
  • And more!
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Simple, yet sensitive

Arm-PCR is the core technology of our RepSeq and iPair service. 

20210111 Cell Therapy White Paper

See how arm-PCR technology was utilized in this case study

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Read our brochure to more about arm-PCR and single cell sequencing: Single cell brochure