iR-Complete Dual Index Primer Kits

A comprehensive and scalable immune profiling solution to drive discovery

Everything you need to explore the immune repertoire

Based on our arm-PCR technology with Illumina® Dual Index labeling.

Product features

  • 12, 24, 48 or 96 reaction kits
  • RNA: all chains available for human or mouse (TCR alpha, beta, delta, gamma, BCR IgH and IgKL); gDNA: human TCR beta and BCR IgH
  • Barcode multiplicity for unique sample ID
  • iRepertoire’s arm-PCR® technology
  • Includes complimentary access to iR-Web data analysis

Kit contents

  • All proprietary PCR enzymes
  • Control nucleic acid
  • Selection beads
  • Proprietary wash buffers
  • Barcoded PCR1 primers
  • Barcoded dual index PCR2 primer mixes
  • One 8-strip magnetic stand included (with first order)

Nuclease-free water and ethanol not included, see product manual for details


Powerful data analysis with iR-Web complimentary mapped data access using our iR-Web platform

+Exceptions apply, see our Data Management Policies.

Select primers specific to your application


Starting material

RNA  (human or mouse)


TCR and BCR chains

TCR (alpha, beta,
delta, gamma)
BCR (IgH, IgK/L)


Selective amplification

Short or long
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Sequencing compatibility

300 cycle or 500/600 cycle kits on Illumina® platforms

Inclusive and semi-quantitative amplification
powered by arm-PCR technology


Are you currently using the iR-Profile and/or Bulk Primer kits?

The Universal Dual Index Kit is a replacement product for the iR-Profile
and Bulk Primer kits previously available through iRepertoire.

Learn more about the benefits of the new kit format.

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