iR-Flex Automation

Automate your workflow with the iR-Flex System and accompanying iR-Cassettes

Increase confidence in your results by decreasing the chance of contamination. The fully automated iR-Flex workflow produces sequence-ready libraries from RNA.

Automation platform

iR-Flex and iR-Cassettes

The iR-Flex System automates sample amplification and selection via computer-controlled robotics and preloaded cassettes.

Each iR-Flex System comes with its own computer, communication module, and the iR-Processor. Up to four iR-Processors can be connected in one system. iR-Cassettes are preloaded with all the reagents you need for arm-PCR or dam-PCR, so all you have to add is RNA, reverse transcriptase, and nuclease-free water.


  • Run up to four samples simultaneously
  • Single-use cassettes avoid contamination
  • Cassettes come preloaded with PCR reagents and primers
  • Available for all human B and T cell chains

iR-Flex is required for in-house RepSeq+ projects.


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