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Pioneers in immune adaptome sequencing

Founded in 2009 at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, iRepertoire was the first company to develop and commercialize immune repertoire sequencing technology and products.

Over the past decade, iRepertoire has continued to improve our legacy technology, arm-PCR, and developed novel processes and applications. While arm-PCR allows researchers to inclusively amplify all of the expressed V(D)Js in either B or T cells, dam-PCR is the only technology on the market with the ability to profile all 7-adaptive immune chains in the same assay with the inclusion of unique molecular identifiers. Continuing tradition as leaders in the industry, our single cell service, iPair, is the first consumer-based service specifically designed for capturing physically paired variable regions in T cells and B cells.

As a company, we are a dedicated team of scientists that truly enjoy working with other scientists to help achieve research goals. Our passion for discovery and our enjoyment of what we do makes us an eager and flexible partner in the research and development process.

At iRepertoire, we not only pride ourselves on the quality of our services and products, but also on the quality of our work environment. Our employees have a tight knit relationship that allows for a creative flow of ideas and an “all-hands-on-deck” camaraderie, both of which truly drive the success of the company.

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