Next generation sequencing of the immune system

From single cells to bulk repertoire, iRepertoire's comprehensive offering of products and services will lead to the health breakthroughs of tomorrow.

next generation sequencing


Pioneers in sequencing the immune adaptome

Learn more about our history of innovation and the patented enrichment chemistries that underlie our products and services.

Core services

Comprehensive NGS-based immune profiling services

Accelerate your analysis of immune repertoire diversity by partnering with the experts in immune sequencing.

We offer complete sequencing service packages as well as individualized options to meet your project goals. Coupled with powerful data analysis, iRepertoire services provide significant insights in immune receptor analysis quickly and efficiently.


Immune repertoire analysis

Measure clonal diversity across the immune repertoire for all human and mouse TCR and BCR chains.


Single cell V(D)J analysis

Take your understanding to the single-cell level with sequencing and phenotypic analysis of TCR-alpha, beta, delta, and gamma chains or BCR-IgH and BCR-K/L chains for human and mouse.

Additional services

Flexible options for your unique project goals

Leverage our expertise in immune sequencing and single cell analysis with custom service solutions.


Sample processing

Cell staining, cell sorting, single cell plating, and nucleic acid extraction.


Custom NGS assays

Profile expression levels of additional targets along with V(D)J characterization and phage display library sequencing.



Custom sequencing services optimized for your specific experimental outputs.



Comprehensive analysis of NGS data utilizing our suite of data analysis software.


Bring your immune repertoire analysis in-house

iRepertoire kits and instruments are available to support your onsite immune testing applications for all TCR and BCR chains in human and mouse.


Just getting started with immune repertoire sequencing?

Learn more about immune biology, repertoire sequencing, and iRepertoire’s solutions for characterizing immune diversity.


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