Immune repertoire profiling for your next therapeutic breakthrough

Navigate the complexities of the immune system with iRepertoire's comprehensive single cell and bulk repertoire solutions.

Core services

Immune profiling products & services

Our expert scientists provide everything you need to get a comprehensive picture of the immune system and individual responses to any perturbation. We are your full-service immune insight partner for clinical or translational research in our labs or yours.


Bulk repertoire

Profile the entire immune repertoire


Single cell

Analyze paired chains in individual B and T cells


Flexible options for your unique project goals

Leverage our expertise in immune sequencing and single cell analysis with custom service solutions.



Comprehensive analysis of NGS data utilizing our suite of data analysis software


Custom assays

Profile additional targets, such as cancer mutation panels


Sample processing

Cell staining, cell sorting, single cell plating, and nucleic acid extraction


Want to conduct your own analysis in house?

Take advantage of our amplification technology and bioinformatics platform.

Why iRepertoire?

Our proprietary amplifcation technologies enable complete and unbiased immune profiling

  • Full 7 chain B cell and T cell analysis

  • Capture physically paired variable regions

  • Flexible analysis for DNA or RNA

  • Compatible with small volume, rare, and difficult samples

  • Expert support from trial planning to data analysis

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Read this case study to learn how single cell immune sequencing explores the role of TCR diversity in improving clinical outcomes


Watch this webinar to learn how combining TCR repertoire profiling and immunophenotyping is a strong predictor for response to immunotherapy

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