Hybridoma Sequencing

Secure, high-quality antibody sequencing from the immune sequencing experts

Monoclonal antibodies are revolutionizing preclinical therapeutic studies, immuno-oncology, and basic science research.

Hybridoma cell lines are one of the most efficient sources of antibody production, but they can be difficult and expensive to establish and maintain.

Back up your valuable monoclonal antibodies, and patent-protect them, with hybridoma sequencing.

The value of sequencing your hybridoma lines:


Antibody security

If the cell line is lost, the antibody can be made recombinantly from the sequence



Explore opportunities for antibody modifications



Intellectual Property and Patents

Why iRepertoire’s hybridoma sequencing service is the ideal choice

  • Quality service and data: iRepertoire has 12+ years of immune sequencing experience
  • Easy sample submission: simply send RNA from the hybridoma line or frozen cells
  • Affordable and scalable sequencing
  • View our brochure for more information on iRep’s hybridoma sequencing service
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