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Multiplex PCR solutions specifically designed for immune repertoire sequencing

An immune repertoire is the sum total of functionally diverse T and B cells in a body at any given moment. Sampling the immune repertoire provides both a snapshot and a historical record of a person’s immune function.

Over the last 10 years iRepertoire has developed PCR multiplexing technologies specifically catered towards immune repertoire sequencing. Our core technologies, bioinformatics, and automation platforms provide everything you need to reveal the unique imprint the external environment leaves behind.


Amplicon Rescue Multiplex PCR

Arm-PCR uses hundreds of VDJ-specific primers in one reaction, semi-quantitatively and inclusively amplifying all of the expressed V(D)Js in B or T cells from a single sample for cost-efficient insights into the expressed immune repertoire.


Dimer avoided multiplex PCR

Dam-PCR enables a more quantitative amplification of any combination of TCR and BCR chains (TCR-Alpha, TCR-beta, TCR-delta, TCR-gamma, BCR-IgH, and BCR-kappa/lambda) within a single reaction for Illumina sequencing library preparation.

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