Sample processing

Streamline genomic analysis

Allow us to prepare your samples for sequencing with our cell thawing, staining, sorting, plating and nucleic acid extraction options for bulk repertoire and single cell sequencing projects. We ensure efficient and cost-effective services from sample processing to sequencing for projects of all scales.

Immune Repertoire Analysis

Nucleic acid extraction

Ensure viable DNA or RNA from cells or tissue. For projects that simply require RNA from whole blood, we recommend blood collection into PaxGene tubes (or similar).

Single cell V(D)J

Single cell plating

Send us cells that are fully prepared to be plated for iPair services by iRepertoire’s experienced FACS team.

Immune repertoire & single cell V(D)J

Cell thawing

Cryopreserved cells require thawing and processing prior to sorting and downstream extraction. Our sample processing service guarantees workable samples for downstream analysis.

Immune repertoire & single cell V(D)J

Cell staining and sorting

Our cell staining team is highly proficient at isolating rare cell populations via tetramer and antibody staining and sorting via FACs. We’ve successfully stained and sorted cell subsets at as low as 0.001% availability. We can provide flow cell sorting for bulk repertoire services, as well as single cell isolation and plating in conjunction with our iPair service.

Sample submission requirements

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