Dimer avoided multiplex PCR

All 7 B and T cell chains amplified in a single tube

Dimer-avoided multiplex PCR uses a patent-pending approach to remove unwanted side product formation during PCR. Dam-PCR increases the signal of particular targets, allowing for unprecedented multiplexing power and all-inclusive sequencing of the immune adaptome.

Dam-PCR excels at:

  • Multichain analysis
  • Clonotype frequency measurement
  • Dimer removal
  • Bias reduction
  • Error detection

Dam-PCR is at the core of our RepSeq+ services.

Highly Specific Amplification

The key to dam-PCR's specificity is a stringent clean-up step that occurs after the first and second rounds of binding and extension. All unused, sequence-specific primers are removed during clean-up. The final enrichment phase of the PCR uses primers targeting communal tags that are added in the first two cycles.

Unbiased Amplification

Dam-PCR is compatible with the addition of unique molecular identifiers (UMI), which tag individual mRNA molecules. UMI's help identify PCR and sequencing errors for a more quantitative picture of the immune repertoire. Even without UMI's, dam-PCR is highly quantitative, because the reaction is focused on the amplicon of interest.