Custom NGS assays

Phage display and scFv library sequencing

Quickly assess the diversity of your phage or scFv library, or see the clonotypes enriched post-panning

We are happy to extend our services to the analysis of phage and scFv libraries by utilizing our extensive experience with NGS and immune repertoire analysis. We can custom design NGS-compatible primers to capture from the linker or plasmid region to the beginning of the constant gene to create a tailored NGS assay for routine monitoring of your expression experiments. Just send us the plasmid library or extracted RNA from the expressing cells, and we will return mapped, high-quality Illumina NGS data through our web-based data analysis platform, iRweb.

Bacteriophage viruses , Infectious disease
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NGS assay development

Let us help you harness the power of NGS and reduce time to experimental results.

iRepertoire™ can work with any original idea to help plan the project all the way through NGS data generation. We can also assist you in converting an existing bench top assay into an NGS compatible assay, which can also be automated on the iR-Flex system if desired.

Assay automation

Generate NGS libraries for many applications in an automated, disposable, and fully closed format without complex manipulations.

We offer custom development services to convert bench top NGS assays onto the automated iR-Flex System. These assays are either based on amplicon-rescued-multiplex PCR (arm-PCR) technology or dimer-avoided-multiplex-PCR technology (dam-PCR) depending on assay requirements, determined on a case-by-case basis. All of the reaction chemistry and processing steps – including amplicon clean-up – are contained within the cassette, which helps prevent human error, reduces the risk of sample contamination, and results in fewer labor- and time-intensive tasks.