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eBook 2: Immune sequencing with iRepertoire


Curious about immune sequencing, but not sure where to start?

Get an overview of best practices and specialized immune sequencing services with this comprehensive eBook. Reveal important information about the pathology and prognosis of disease, identify candidates for critical antibody-based therapies, and take your research resolution to the next level. Capturing the full diversity of the adaptive immune system requires next-generation sequencing (NGS) approaches tailored to immune research. Learn how our bulk repertoire sequencing technologies provide quantitative and inclusive sequencing of even rare clonotypes, explore the benefits of paired chain analysis with our single cell immune sequencing technology, and get an overview of the bioinformatic analysis included with all of our sequencing services.

This eBook is tailored to:

  • PhD candidates seeking technology and services for immune research
  • Clinical researchers new to immune sequencing or seeking best practices
  • On-boarding new lab members
  • Those seeking to read our top Learning Center articles offline

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