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eBook 3: Planning your immune repertoire sequencing experiment

Have you optimized your immune research or NGS study?

There are several factors to consider when planning a next generation sequencing (NGS) experiment. Additionally, immune repertoire sequencing is distinct from other sequencing applications, because each cell has the potential to contain its own unique V(D)J sequence. Tune specific parameters to capture the quantitative and qualitative data you need for a precise immune sequencing experiment. This eBook covers NGS and immune sequencing best practices, including multiplex considerations, how to choose a starting template, blood collection and sample storage suggestions, and how to submit samples for immune sequencing services. Get started with best practices today.

This eBook is tailored to:

  • Clinical and academic researchers planning an immune sequencing project
  • Current iRepertoire customers seeking sample collection and submission best practices

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iRepertoire eBook 3: Planning your immune repertoire sequencing experiment

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