iR-Flex Automation

Automated Library preparation for repeatability and efficiency

The iR-Flex System automates sequence-ready library preparation using computer-controlled robotics and preloaded iR-Cassettes for

Group 399@2x

Improved laboratory efficiency

Group 390@2x

Reduced contamination risks associated with manual sample preparation

Group 391@2x

Increased confidence in data and results

What our customers say

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Shaima Mazin Jawad Al Khabouri, University of Glasgow

“iRepertoire’s technology is really customizable from start to finish.”



iR-Flex and iR-Cassettes


  • Run up to four samples simultaneously per iR-Flex Processor unit
  • Reduce per-sample turn-around time for increased throughput
  • Avoid contamination with single-use cassettes
  • Keep things simple with cassettes preloaded with PCR reagents and primers
  • Get primers for all human and mouse B and T cell chains
  • Enjoy intuitive, user-friendly software

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