February 16, 2020 | News

Video: Learning from the best doctor in the world, our immune system

At the 2019 Gold Lab Symposium, iRertoire’s founder, Dr. Jian Han, explains what we can learn from a database of several billion B and T cell receptor sequences.

The Gold Lab Symposium is an annual event that brings together leaders in their respective scientific fields that are committed to improving healthcare. The 2019 symposium focused on “Causal Inferences: Facilitating Health Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty”.

Most health decisions start with a diagnoses, but traditional methods for developing diagnostics are slow and expensive. In this talk, Dr. Han suggests shortcutting the classical approach by uncovering our immune system’s natural ability to evolve disease-detecting agents in the form of B cell and T cell receptors.

Over the last decade, iRepertoire has been developing high throughput immune sequencing techniques, so that we can probe our immune system’s disease sensors more efficiently. In this talk, Dr. Han draws from his experience studying immune repertoire’s in over 40,000 different samples.