Capture paired BCR/TCR chains with
Single cell immune sequencing

Single cell immune sequencing preserves information about the cognate pairing of BCR and TCR chains. Paired TCR and BCR chains are shown in the wells of a stylized iPair plate.

When RNA is extracted for bulk repertoire sequencing, information related to the cognate pairing of BCR and TCR chains is lost. iPair is the first consumer-based single cell immune sequencing service specifically designed for capturing physically paired variable regions in T cells and B cells.

Applications for single cell
immune sequencing

  • Reverse engineering
  • Full BCR/TCR identity and chain usage
  • CAR-T development
  • Antibody identification
  • Lymphocyte tracking
  • Analyze rare cell populations or cell line sequencing

Advantages of single cell immune
sequencing with iPair

  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Available for human or mouse
  • Track VDJ recombination in B or T cells
  • Full CDR3 analysis
  • Option to add phenotyping with iPair+
  • Includes bioinformatic analysis in user-friendly GUI

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