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Facilitating immune repertoire research with comprehensive sequencing

Complementary amplification and sequencing technologies

Discover the diversity in the expressed immune repertoire of TCR and BCR chains with our full-service solutions.


RepSeq utilizes our patented arm-PCR technology which uses V-primer cycling to inclusively amplify all of the expressed V(D)Js in B and T cells in one reaction with unprecedented sensitivity. We recommend using RepSeq if your samples have low cell counts (<50,000 cells).

Discover rare clonotypes with low cell counts

  • Highly sensitive
  • Semi quantitative
  • Ideal for rare clonotypes and low cell counts
  • Highly inclusive of different CDR3s
  • Library prep can be completed in house or by iRepertoire

We currently offer RepSeq services for all human and mouse TCR and BCR chains.


RepSeq+ utilizes our patent-pending dam-PCR technology which uses iterative rounds of amplification and amplicon recovery to selectively amplify any or all of the 7 TCR and BCR chains. The use of unique molecular identifiers enables detection of individual mRNA transcripts for improved error removal and more precise data on clonotype frequency.

Confident results for applications requiring high error detection

  • Highly specific
  • Highly quantitative
  • Ideal for hypermutation analysis
  • Highly exclusive of PCR and sequencing errors
  • Library prep must be automated or completed by iRepertoire

We currently offer RepSeq+ services for all human TCR and BCR chains and mouse TCR chains.

Compare tech specs

Species covered Human and mouse Human and mouse (TCR only)
Chains covered TCR-alpha, TCR-beta, TCR-delta, TCR-gamma TCR-alpha, TCR-beta, TCR-delta, TCR-gamma
BCR-lg Heavy, BCR-kappa/lambda BCR-lg Heavy, BCR-kappa / lambda
Rare clone discovery +++++ +++
Primers available Short read and long read Long read only
In-house kits available? Automated and manual Automated
Compatibility in one reaction 1 chain per reaction 1-7 chains per reaction
Dual index No Yes
Service: repeat amplification? One free repeat attempt if first process fails Technical replicate included for each sample plus free repeat if first process fails
Free basic data analysis Yes Yes
UMI quantification on RNA expression level No Yes
Sequencing Sold separately

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