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iRepertoire’s RepSeq+ service utilizes our dam-PCR technology, which allows for any combination of TCR and BCR chains (TCR-alpha, TCR-beta, TCR-delta, TCR-gamma, BCR-IgHeavy, and BCR-kappa/lambda) to be amplified within a single reaction.

Multichain analysis in one single reaction mix is beneficial in that it saves rare and/or precious samples by using less RNA than traditional methods. Dam-PCR also allows for the detection of unique mRNA transcripts, which provides reduced bias, better error removal, and more precise data on clonotype frequency.


One chain versus multi-chain


With RepSeq+, the sequencing reads devoted to a particular chain are determined by the natural state of the sample, which allows for calculations of BCR to TCR expression and clonotype ratios; this should be taken into consideration prior to chain selection for examination in the assay.

For instance, if you want information for delta/gamma TCRs from whole blood, using a 7-chain assay would not be advised since the delta/gamma frequency is naturally lower in whole blood (~5%) for most individuals. For this case, we would either recommend a 1- or 2-chain RepSeq+ analysis, or the use of our more inclusive, single chain RepSeq service, which relies on iRepertoire™’s arm-PCR technology.

RNA sample submission requirements

RepSeq+ | Dam-PCR

Minimum concentration Minimum mass Optimum concentration Optimum mass Minimum volume
FFPE 5 ng/uL 75 ng 20 ng/uL 300 ng 15 uL
Solid Tissue 5 ng/uL 75 ng 50 ng/uL 1000 ng 15 uL
PBMC / Whole Blood 5 ng/uL 75 ng 50 ng/uL 1000 ng 15 uL
Sorted Cell Populations 1 ng/uL 15 ng 10 ng/uL 200 ng 15 uL

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