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Cost-effective solutions for discovering rare clonotypes

iRepertoire’s RepSeq service (formerly AMP2Seq) utilizes our patented arm-PCR technology, which uses hundreds of VDJ-specific primers in one reaction to semi-quantitatively and inclusively amplify all of the expressed V(D)Js in B or T cells from a single sample.

RepSeq is our most cost-efficient solution to gain insight into the expressed immune repertoire for your chain(s) of choice. Because only one chain is amplified per reaction, CDR3 discovery is not affected by the relative chain frequency. However, as long as enough starting material is supplied, multiple chains can be amplified from the same RNA sample.

For more precise data on clonotype frequency or to amplify multiple chain types in a single reaction, consider using our RepSeq+ services which are powered by iRepertoire’s dam-PCR technology.

RNA sample submission requirements

RepSeq Arm-PCR

Minimum concentration Minimum mass Optimum concentration Optimum mass Minimum volume
FFPE 5 ng/uL 75 ng 20 ng/uL 300 ng 15 uL
Solid Tissue 5 ng/uL 75 ng 50 ng/uL 1000 ng 15 uL
PBMC / Whole Blood 5 ng/uL 75 ng 50 ng/uL 1000 ng 15 uL
Sorted Cell Populations 1 ng/uL 15 ng 10 ng/uL 200 ng 15 uL

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