March 1, 2020 | News

Webinar: Immune system NGS from single cell to bulk RNA

Labroots webinar featuring Dr. Miranda Byrne-Steele highlights iRepertoire’s newest technologies, dam-PCR and iPair.

iPair is iRepertoire’s single cell repertoire sequencing service. In the webinar, Miranda explains how iPair retains the physical cognate pairing of B and T cell receptor chains. She also describes how iPair helps researchers probe the immune system’s specific, rapid response to particular antigens.

Dam-PCR is iRepertoire’s all-in-one solution for sequencing all TCR and BCR loci including TCR-beta, TCR-alpha, TCR-delta, TCR-gamma, BCR-IgH, and BCR-IgKL chains in a single reaction. Miranda describes how dam-PCR can be used to sample historical repertoire data from FFPE samples, even when sample quality and quantity are limited.