iR-Profile Kits

Everything you need to get started with immune repertoire sequencing

iR-Profile allows for amplification of multiple receptor chain genes of interest using iRepertoire’s arm-PCR technology in a cost-efficient package.

What's inside

  • 10 uniquely-barcoded reactions for the species and chain(s) of your choosing
  • PCR Rescue mix
  • PCR2 mix
  • PCR2 Cleanup mix
  • Positive control
  • Negative control
  • Enzyme
  • Control RNA
  • One iR-magnetic stand (with first purchase)

Reactions come pre-mixed and can include any combination of human or mouse chains (TCR-alpha, TCR-beta, TCR-delta, TCR-gamma, BCR-IgH, or BCR-IgK/L). With the exception of molecular grade alcohol and nuclease-free water, the iR-Profile kit provides all that is required to generate immune repertoire libraries in the convenience of your own laboratory. Because each sample will have its own unique barcode, all can be pooled into a single sequencing run, saving time and money.

Ready to get started?