Everything you need to probe the immune repertoire

Scalable solutions to suit your lab’s immune sequencing needs

Whether you’re looking to scale up or making your first foray into immune repertoire sequencing, iRepertoire’s simple and straightforward product lineup will make planning your project a breeze.

All iRepertoire services and products come with complimentary data analysis*. After libraries are generated, they can be sequenced in-house if Illumina® sequencing platforms are available. Data can then be transferred to the iRepertoire Data Team for analysis. If in-house sequencing is not available, libraries can be sent to iRepertoire for sequencing.

*Exceptions apply, see our Data Management Policies for more information.

iR-Profile Kits

  • Compatible with arm-PCR​
  • All inclusive, 10 reaction kit​
  • 10 unique barcodes ​
  • Ideal for small projects/beginners​

Bulk Primer Kits​

  • Compatible with arm-PCR​
  • Large volume primer mixtures​
  • Single barcode​
  • Ideal for scaling up​​

iR-Flex Automation​

  • Automated amplification​
  • For arm-PCR or dam-PCR​​
  • Avoids contamination risk​
  • Ideal for sensitive applications​

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