Beyond template switching

MiSeq machines

Investigating the full clonal diversity of an immune repertoire requires a uniquely tailored sequencing approach. Most immune sequencing chemistries on the market rely on some variation of a technology called template switching, which starts with untargeted amplification of all of the RNA in a given sample. iRepertoire’s proprietary multiplex PCR technologies use primers that are…

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Why sequence the immune repertoire?

Mi Sequence

“Our immune system is the smartest and best doctor around, and if we can learn from the best, we can be better.” Dr. Jian Han, founder and CSO of iRepertoire Key questions:  What is the immune repertoire? In short, it is the collection of individual clonotypes produced by all B and T cells in the…

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iRepertoire’s primer systems

iRepertoire has developed multiplex PCR primer mixes for V(D)J amplification and sequencing for both our arm-PCR and dam-PCR technologies. In these multiplex PCR systems, a nested set of inside and outside primers has been designed and optimized for every V(D)J target needing to be co-amplified in the multiplex assay. We offer primers, amplification services, and…

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iRepertoire’s amplification technologies

In the first round of arm-PCR, inside and outside TCR/BCR-specific primers amplify the targets of interest, increasing sensitivity and appending communal primer binding sites

Challenges of immune repertoire sequencing The unique challenges involved with sequencing the immune repertoire have necessitated the development of repertoire-specific library preparation technologies. In order to fully capture the diversity of the immune repertoire, amplification technologies have to be used that account for biases towards small amplicons and amplifying rare clonotypes beyond the templates that…

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